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Treatment Fees

Many of our treatments are covered by private health insurance or cashback schemes; as these vary widely in their terms please check your own policy before booking treatment since some schemes may only cover treatment by particular practitioners or may require a GP referral before treatment commences.

In the past some patients have had problems with assuming treatment will be covered without checking their particular policy's terms and conditions, and we regret that in these circumstances we cannot give receipts with alternative dates or practitioner's details, so please do ensure you are following your policy's procedures.

Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Physiotherapy & Manipulative Therapy
​New Patients                            £36.00
​Return Visits                            £34.00
​Concessions                              £31.00
​Children                                    £20.00
Sports Therapy

New Patients                            £29.00
​Return Visits                            £27.00
​Children                                    £20.00

​Aromatherapy - A light massage with individually prescribed essential oils
​Full Body                                       £34.00​  (1 hour)
​Back, Neck & Shoulders        £24.00  (half hour)

​Remedial - A deep therapeutic massage; useful post-injury.
Half hour                                  £26.00
​Swedish - An intermediate depth of massage; good for stress or muscular tension.
​Full Body                                       £31.00  (1 hour)
​Back, Neck & Shoulders        £21.00  (half hour)
​Sports - specific massage to help the athlete avoid injury and achieve best performace; especially useful pre- or post-event.
​Full Body                                      £36.00  (1 hour)
​Half Body                                 £26.00  (half hour)
​Pregnancy - For mums-to-be from 12 weeks until full term.
​Full Body                                       £31.00  (1 hour)
​Half Body                                 £21.00  (half hour)

Medical Herbalism
​New Patients                           £35.00
​Return Visits                           £20.00
​(plus medicine costs)
​Homeopathy ​
​New Patients                           £65.00
​Return Visits                           £40.00
​Children under 12 - all appointments
​Acupuncture ​
​All appointments                   £45.00
​All appointments                   £45.00
​All appointments                   £30.00
​Laser Therapy
​Smoking Cessation   £35.00  (includes free top up within 10 days if required)
​Appetite Control                    £35.00
​New Patients                          £27.00
​Return Visits                          £25.00
​Concessions                            £22.00
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